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About Jet


Meet Jet

My world

From my studio, with a fantastic view over the meadows and woods, I am painting and drawing almost every day. This beautiful spot is a perfect fit with my great passion for nature. It’s magnificence of flowers and animals is a big source of inspiration for my illustrations.


It is my passion to capture the many beautiful things in the world around me in my own specific way. In order to do so, I use different drawing and painting techniques on paper and canvas. It is fantastic to then see my drawings on for example napkins, table ware, bed linen, table textiles, etc. and how many people enjoy my creations every day.


Creativity and passion are characteristics that really fit me. Drawing for my own Jet Illustrates Collection or working on a specific assignment for a client, it always is this unique design that I am trying to create.

How it all started…..

During my youth, I always was very active…. playing outside, picking flowers, looking for small insects. Nature during the different seasons have a great attraction on me. At a very young age, I already took my impressions picked up outdoors with me when being indoors, where I was always busy pottering and drawing.

And then I discovered the drawing competions and colour matches. I absolutely loved this and never missed a competition. Every individual drawing got my full dedication and it gave me undescribable good feeling if I heard that my drawing was choosen the best.

The most beautiful price I ever won, was a special painters  box packed with all kinds of professional painter and drawing materials. From that moment onwards, everything changed…..

My first Jet illustrations

In 1998 the first tableware range under my own Jet label was launched by Ter Steege in Rijssen. In the years following a large and diverse range of designs were successfully introduced to the market, of which the ranges ‘Apple’ and ‘Lavender’ were possibly the best examples.

Following the success of these table ware ranges, several license holders joined. The illustrations were then used on kitchen and table textiles, bed textiles, paper goods, greeting cards,etc. All in all a nice complete package of products. Absolutely fantastic to see your own designs in many different stores and of course at people’s houses!

A new adventure

Recently, I have focused on a further development of my own unique style, giving me the opportunity to even further express my creativity. Backed up by my lovable family, good friends and the experience build up through the years, I took the plunge in 2018 and started my completely own business.

I am very proud of my latest illustrations and the reactions from the parties I am working with already, are incredible.

Are you interested in becoming part of my new adventures, please feel free to contact me!